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Animal Husbandry

The Animal Husbandry from the Victor Babes Institute


The unit is authorized for in vivo experiments on mice and rats – Laboratory Sanitary Veterinary License nr. 222 / 08.03.2016.


INCD Victor Babeş Animal Facility Laboratory is focused on laboratory animals breeding and maintaining for scientific purposes.

The in vivo studies have Project Authorisation, according to the Order nr. 97 – 01/09/2015, published in The Official Monitor, Part I nr. 722 from 25/09/2015.

Laboratory animals can result from our own facility (C57 Black, BALB/c and CD-1 mice and CD, SD and WISTAR rats) or can be bought by request from any authorized providing unit.

Experimental protocols for the laboratory animals are provided by the beneficiaries or can be mutually established according to requirements, purpose and the laboratory infrastructure.

The following techniques/determinations (applicable on mice and rats) can be included in experimental protocols: haematological determinations, sampling, test substances administration, determination of water and food consumption, surgical workmanship, echographic exam, necropsy.

The next animal models can be realised and incorporated in experimental protocols: chemically-induced or transplanted (our collection) tumour animal model, chemically-induced diabetes animal model, surgically–induced myocardial infarction animal model.



Head of the Laboratory:
Scientific researcher, Veterinary Doctor
Bogdan Marinescu
Scientific researcher III, Biologist Gheorghita Isvoranu
Scientific researcher III, Medical Doctor Catalin Gabriel Manole
Scientific researcher, Veterinary Doctor Laurentiu Anghelache
Assistant researcher, Medical Doctor Florina Cionca
Tehnician Maria Paraschiv



Animals care staff:

Simion Gina
Dumitru Magdalena
Prezenschi Daniela
Munteanu Cristina
Munteanu Mihaela





Ongoing projects: 

PNII – Human Resources Nr. 141 / 2015

Telocytes and stem cells – promising therapy for cardiac failure – Project Manager: Manole Catalin-Gabriel


Nanosystems for medical use – Candidates for adjunctive therapy in cancer – Project Manager: Bogdan Marinescu


Targeted immunotherapy in cancer based on molecular tumor profile – Project Manager: Gheorghița Isvoranu