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Molecular medicine




Bogdan Ovidiu POPESCUMD, PhD, Senior Researcher, Neurologist, Head of Laboratory

Emilia MANOLE, PhD, Senior Researcher , Specialist Biologist

Dragos CRETOIU, MD, PhD, Research Assistant

Mariana NICULAE, Technician

Teodor Regalia, Tehnician


Mailing address:

Splaiul Independenţei nr. 99 – 101, sector 5, 050096,  Bucureşti



Secretary :     021-3194530      
Account – tel./fax:  021-3194528     
Operator:  021-3192732  or   021-3192733      



We are currently working in the following fields: cellular and molecular aspects concerning neurodegenerative disorders (with a focus on blood brain barrier research), neuromuscular diseseases diagnostic and research, skeletal muscle biology, peripheral nerve blood barrier, interstitial cells in skeletal muscle regeneration.


Ongoing projects:

PN Alteration of the blood-nerve barrier in various types of peripheral neuropathies: modification of the  tight junction proteins expression as a diagnostic marker

Project leader: Prof. Dr. Bogdan O. Popescu, senior researcher

PN Proteomic and epigenetic biomarkers in myositis and skeletal muscle dystrophies, their importance in the precision diagnostics and as possible therapeutic targets

Prject leader: Dr. Emilia Manole, Senior researcher, Biologist

PN II 194/2014 (Partnerships in priority areas): Simulation and modeling of the telocytes behavior in tissue signaling and regeneration processes

Project Director: Dr. Dragos Cretoiu, Researcher


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