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Pathology Tests


No. Analysis name Payment method Recommendation required
1 Paraffin worked piece* compensated Specialist
2 Parrafin embedded bloc with a histopathologic diagnosis* compensated Specialist
3 Special colorations* compensated Specialist
4 Immunohistochemical tests compensated Oncology Specialist
5 Papanicolau Smear compensated Family doctor
6 Blade consult uncompensated  
7 FISH Test gene Her-2/neu uncompensated

8 FISH Test gene TOP2a uncompensated

9 FISH Test gene EWSR uncompensated

10 TBC diagnosis on a  paraffin bloc through PCR uncompensated

11 PCR – K-ras gene – on a  paraffin bloc uncompensated

*The analysis is compensated only in the case of out-patient samples