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ASDEU Project

Autism Spectrum Disorders in Europe (ASDEU)



Understanding about autism will get a boost as universities, charities and expert institutions from 14 European countries come together in a major new programme. Autism Spectrum Disorders in Europe (ASDEU) has been funded by the European Commission to research autism diagnosis, prevalence and interventions and to improve care and support for people with autism.

Autism Spectrum Disorders in Europe (ASDEU) is a three-year programme run by a consortium of 20 groups from 14 countries.  ASDEU has received 2.1 million euros from the Directorate-General of Health and Consumers of the European Commission (DG-SANCO) to increase understanding of and improve responses to autism. It will: study the prevalence of autism in 12 countries in the European Union; analyse the economic and social costs of autism; review existing arrangements and develop proposals for early detection programmes; train professionals; validate biomarkers for the disorder; and improve understanding of diagnosis, comorbidity, and effective care and support for adults and senior citizens with autism.

In the field of public health, ASDEU will also collaborate with European Autism Interventions – A Multicentre Study for Developing New Medications (EU-AIMS) http://www.eu-aims.eu to improve quality of life and prognosis for people with autism.

The ASDEU consortium partners are:


The Rare Disorders Research Institute (IIER), a Centre of the Institute of Health Carlos III (ISCIII), Spain

Vienna General Hospital, Austria

Autism Europe, Belgium

University of Ghent, Belgium

Bulgarian Association for Promotion of Education and Science, Bulgaria

University of Aarhus, Denmark

University of Oulu, Finland

University of Toulouse-Le Mirail, France

The State Diagnostic and Counselling Centre, Iceland

The IRCCS Stella Maris Foundation, Italy

Jorge Health National Institute, Portugal

University of Warsaw, Poland

Dublin City University, Republic of Ireland

Victor Babes National Institute of Pathology, Romania (PI dr. Magdalena Budisteanu)

Bio-Advance Foundation, Canary Islands, Spain

University of Salamanca, Spain

The London School of Economics and Political Science, United Kingdom

King’s College London, United Kingdom

National Autistic Society, United Kingdom



The project lead, Manuel Posada, Director of the Rare Diseases Research Institute – ISCIII, Spain, will be supported in his management role by the ISCIII and the Spanish Foundation for Health and International Cooperation.  Joaquin Fuentes, from Policlínica Gipuzkoa in Donostia/San Sebastián, Spain, will act as Scientific Advisor to the ASDEU project.

The project has officially begun on February 15th, 2015.